Catalog of Wood Sculpture – Hollow Forms

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Ive thought about creating a catalog of my wood sculpture for some time now, mostly for a pictographic reference.  Unfortunately at times I have not been able to get a picture of a fair number of my sculpture, largely because I did not have time to photograph before they slipped out the door to a gallery.  That said, these days I am better about getting images of my work and I wanted to list what I do have.  In some ways I think it is neat to see the evolution of forms from the earliest things I have made.  That is especially the case for some so of my earliest sculpture as I did not have a very good idea of what I was doing at the time.


Early Sculpture - Spalted Walnut Hollow Form, item #1



#1 – Spalted Black Walnut from Chowan County, NC.  Gloss Blonde Shellac



Early Sculpture - Figured Walnut Crude Teardrop Hollow




 #2 – Figured Walnut Crude Teardrop Hollow from Chowan County, NC.  Danish Oil


 Sculpture for Sale - Two Tone Ultra Gloss Honey Locust Hollow from Chowan County, NC. Item #354



 #354 – Two Tone Ultra Gloss Honey Locust Hollow from Chowan County, NC.  Ultra Gloss Lacquer


  Sculpture for Sale - Natural Flame Box Elder Hollow Form from Edenton, NC. Item #424




Wood Sculpture for Sale - Spalted Finished Edge Persimmon Hollow from Chatham County, NC. Item #457

#424 – Natural Flame Box Elder Hollow Form from Edenton, NC.  Satin Danish Oil






#457 – Spalted Finished Edge Persimmon Hollow Form from Chatham County, NC.  Satin Danish Oil