Hollow Forms

Here is a list of my current inventory of abstract wood sculpture for sale.  Hollow forms are decorative and sculptural wood artwork.  The name refers to a block of wood that is shaped and hollowed out.  By abstract I mean that I focus in asymmetric and irregular natural edge pieces with small openings and bases.  I also produce off balance hollow forms, found here vanduynwoodwork.com/off-balance/

To me this is considered abstract wood sculpture as it represents a view of wood that is not what most people perceive it to be.  Wood is most often viewed in slices like sheets of paper.  The depth of what is visible from a tree is not typically seen.  Wood is often thought of as being heavy, and my hollow forms are extremely light. 

Almost all of these pieces are of native hardwoods.  I prefer to showcase these woods as they have interesting characteristics, i.e. natural voids, inclusions, spalting, and beautiful figure.  A lot of interesting wood has been graded out and considered unsuitable for most purposes.  Thus, these items are finished with natural finishes.  I use Danish oil for a satin sheen and lacquer to produce semi-gloss and an ultra-high gloss sheen.  Click on any image for sizing, pricing, ordering, and additional information.

Additionally there is a catalog of my wood sculpture forms on my blog.  Follow the link to take a look at my vessel turning history.



Spalted Pecan Wood Sculpture for Sale



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