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Here is my inventory of turned wooden urns for sale.  That is, these are urns for ashes.  Urn Artistry is the general term I use to express the nature of these cremation vessels.  I describe urn artistry as the blending of qualities from my sculptural forms with functional vessels intended as cremation urns.  With that in mind I produce crematory urns that are proportionate and appealing to the eye.  They are not mass produced and fit in their surroundings without drawing undue attention.  Ultimately, my desire is to create vessels that are visually appealing and interesting.  Hopefully they also help bring some comfort in these difficult seasons.

Perhaps you are on this page because wood is appealing to you or your loved ones.  Maybe you think all of the options available just don’t look that good.  You want a cremation urn that is more refined.  Possibly you feel there has to be something that looks nicer and is more distinctive than all of the options available online or in crematoriums.          

My cremation urns are handmade, turned primarily of various southern domestic hardwoods.  These hardwoods are sourced typically at the end of their life cycle.  Often the tree has died from disease, advanced age, storm damage, pests, etc.   In many cases various interesting textures, tones, and patterns have developed as a result of those conditions.  I produce multiple sizes of cremation urns to be used as keepsake urns, pet urns.  Additionally, I make individual burial urns and companion or double urns sized primarily for adults.  As in my sculpture, I strive to bring out the best look of the wood by creating simple forms and focusing on the distinctive characteristics of the tree itself. Each piece is sealed with a hand-threaded finial and is finished with Danish oil.  Expand each image for more views, sizing, capacity, and ordering information.  Click here for urn information, sizing, frequently asked questions, and additional information


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