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Ben Owen III – Collection of Spalted Pecan Hollow Forms

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I was fortunate enough to run into Ben Owen III at the Winter Show (Greenhill, center for NC arts) this past December, both he and I were participating in that exhibit.  Ben, very generously, offered me some of a pecan tree that he had on his property that was taken down some time ago.  I believe that his grandfather was the original planter of the tree.  Shortly after the Winter Show I was able to get some of that tree, which I believe has the potential to have some pretty dramatic pieces made out of it.  Judging by what I made today (6/1/2016) alot of this pecan appears to be very nicely spalted, has various worm and beetle galleries, and a pretty decent array of tonal variations.  So I am intending this article to be a collection of all the pieces that I am able to make from this set of Pecan, updated as they are completed.  Currently I have only made a few pieces and they are drying, so no complete sculpture for sale as of yet.  I was only able to get one truck load of wood so I would assume that I will be making pieces this year and possibly some of next year.

BW_kilnopen_potsonbench_webIf you are not familiar with Ben Owen, he is one of the most prominent, if not the most well known, potters in North Carolina.  Take a look at his website ( it has a very fascinating historical accounts of his and other families that started the pottery community around the Seagrove area of North Carolina.  I am personally more familiar with his work, which I own a piece of, rather than the history of the area.  If you happen to get the opportunity, drive down and see him and his kiln its a pretty wild experience.


2.14.17 – Starting to get a few pieces through finishing.  More to come this year, especially once the weather warms up some more.  Size = 6-1/2″ H x 7-1/2″ Dia


Sculpture for Sale - Ben Owen Collection, Off Balance Spalted Pecan Hollow


BO.2 – 7-3/4″ H x 8-1/2″ Dia 




Sculpture for Sale - Ben Owen Collection, Spalted Teardrop Pecan Hollow


#448 – 7″ H x 6-1/4″ Dia