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sean williams - art galleries Charleston SCHave you ever visited Charleston, SC?  I grew up in Edenton, NC a small historic town so there is a lot to Charleston that feels familiar.  Much of that includes the architecture, history, furniture, weather, culture, and the low country in general.  I don’t think that I would move out of North Carolina, but if I did I’d be ok living in Charleston.
Last week I was in Charleston SC, moving my hollow forms into a new gallery.  Think of the hollow form as woodworking art or wood sculpture.  On the east coast sculptural woodturning is not as common and that positions my work more in the contemporary sculpture niche.  Thus, that makes finding art galleries which represent complimentary work a bit of a challenge.  The point of this post is to show the video of the gallery and gives some insights for those looking at art galleries in Charleston.

The search for contemporary art galleries Charleston SC

Fortunately, I was able to find Revealed Art Gallery a block north off Broad St. on Church St. – downtown Charleston.  It just happens to be around the corner from my old gallery.  Revealed carries sculptural artists, as well as fine 2-D artists, that I believe my work compliments and I am excited about showing my sculpture there.

So how does the gallery look?

art galleries Charleston, SC - Revealed Art Gallery

I’ve looked at many art galleries websites over the years and find they can have a different feel when viewed in person.  For example, Revealed is much larger than I originally thought (looking online), so I shot this video of the gallery while I was there (click on the revealed logo).    I did not have a chance to see Revealed before moving items there, so this was my first visit. 
First impressions… Revealed Art is very clean, inviting, and arranged nicely, i.e. it is not cluttered.  A couple skylights bring in natural light and it is very colorful.  Colorful, like vivid, and not to the point of being loud.     
susan woodford - art galleries Charleston SCThere is a nice mix of fine art covering everything from florals to landscapes to contemporary and abstract.  A couple jewelers that work in copper and silver as well.  I particularly appreciate the use of less commonly known gemstones.  There is also glass, ceramics, furniture, and a couple of metal sculptors that are very creative.
Since it is a contemporary art gallery the subject matter crosses a wide range of tastes and styles.  Personally, taste wise, they aren’t all my cup of tea… but I do recognize and appreciate the skill and quality that has gone into them.  Much of that to me is in the fine art.  I am accustomed to seeing more abstract styles in sculpture, that just goes with the territory. 

To the point of art quality…

constance williams - art galleries Charleston SCMy background is not in art so I am sure there are things that I miss.  Quality and attention to detail however, I can spot and everything I saw I believe to be made by truly skilled craftspeople and artisans.  The collection of them all is a nice reflection on the owners curating abilities.