Van Duyn Bees – Honey Order Form

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If you are interested in placing an order for some local raw honey see the following details…

Currently I produce North Carolina Wildflower and Clary Sage Honey according NCSBA certified honey producer standards.  Honey is sold in 3oz. jars, 12oz. jars, pints (22oz.), and quarts (44oz.).  It is possible, upon request, to package in larger quantities if honeys are available.  Otherwise select the jar size and quantity from the order form below.  There is no sales tax charged for an order and please indicate whether you would like the honey shipped.
I will follow up with a Paypal invoice to process payment.  If you have any questions or situations with the ordering form leave a note in the comments section.  I can also be easily reached to resolve any questions or circumstances; here is my contact information.  You do not need a Paypal account to pay the invoice.

Wildflower Honey

Clary Sage Honey