Trinity Academy Senior Class 2020 Fundraiser – Clary Sage Honey

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The Trinity Academy Class of 2020 is raising funds for their senior trip to Italy.  I have offered my support in their fundraising efforts by making the Clary Sage honey I produce available for sale through them.  Currently, of the approximately 170lbs, 110 lbs of honey have been sold raising around $900 for the senior class.
My wife and I (Meredith and Jason Van Duyn) are parents of Lillian Van Duyn who is in 1st grade at Trinity Academy this year.  Aside from my woodwork business I run Van Duyn Bees along with my parents, John and Gwen Van Duyn of Edenton, NC. 

What is Clary Sage Honey?

Clary Sage honey is a raw local honey variety produced in the northeast part of North Carolina.  Honey bees forage the Clary Sage plant (salvia sclarea) which is only grown in meaningful concentrations in a few locations in the world.  The honey is an extremely high quality, light in color honey that rivals sourwood and tupelo honeys.  It may be the best tasting honey produced in North Carolina.
As a side note this is a natural honey rather than a flavored or infused honey.  Clary Sage is a different species compared to the cooking sage.  While this honey does have slight floral undertones there is no “sage” flavor infused into the honey.
I produce raw local honey according to the NCSBA certified honey producers program.  Additionally the senior class can raise $2 (per 3oz. jar), $6 (per 12oz. jar), $12 (per pint jar), or $24 (per quart) of honey sold.  Currently I have somewhere between 150-200 lbs of Clary Sage honey, and it will be sold as available.
Honey should not be fed to infants under one year of age.  Additionally, the NCSBA has a nice section on frequently asked honey questions.

Ordering Details

The Clary sage honey is sold in 3oz. jars, 12oz. jars, pints (22oz.), and quarts (44oz.) at $5.50, $16, $30, and $60 respectively.  Select the jar size and quantity below.  There is no sales tax charged for the order; however a processing fee is added to each order.  I will deliver orders to Trinity Academy where the senior class will make those orders available for pick up.  All orders submitted by March 22nd will be made available for pickup.  The next pickup date is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon March 25th from 2:30-3:30 in the Administration building Conference Room.  All orders submitted online will be followed by an email invoice payable online. 
Should you prefer to pick up your honey order prior to the planned pick up date or would like to try a sample before ordering, send me an email from the contact information below to coordinate.  I live about 5 minutes from Trinity’s campus.
If you have any questions or situations with the ordering form leave a note in the comments section.  I can also be easily reached to resolve any questions or circumstances; here is my contact information.

Clary Sage Honey Order Form